Frequently Asked Billing Questions

  1. Is this bill correct?
  2. Why are they calling me?
  3. Can you bill my office rather than my patients?
  4. Is this diagnosis appropriate?
  5. What will I see if GML bills my office directly?
  6. What is the best way to get accurate insurance data to GML?
  7. Why do I have to send this insurance information again?
  8. This patient's insurance is not on the covered list – what do I do?
  9. What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?
  10. What is a Medicare Supplement?
  11. Where can I get a price estimate for my lab work?



  1. If you feel there is an error with the bill that you have received, please call Geisinger Patient Billing at 800-640-4206. (top)
  2. If you receive a call from one of the GML Insurance Specialists it is because we are missing valuable information to process your claim accurately. (top)
  3. Yes, if your office prefers that GML bill you directly please contact your customer care rep. GML has the ability to bill laboratory services to your facility directly or bill your patients' insurance. (top)
  4. If you do not provide a diagnosis code or if you provide a code that is not considered medically necessary by Medicare guidelines, GML will contact your office and attempt to obtain a valid diagnosis. A diagnosis code must be provided for every specimen submitted to GML for testing. (top)
  5. If you choose to have your office billed directly by GML, rather than GML billing your patients, you will receive an itemized statement including date of service, patient name, test performed, CPT code and test price. This statement will be sent out monthly. If GML is billing your facility you will receive a monthly invoice that includes date of service, patient name, test performed, CPT code and test price. (top)

  6. A copy of the front AND back of the patient’s insurance card is the best way to ensure that your patients insurance will be billed correctly on the first submission. (top)
  7. GML creates a new encounter each time a specimen is received on a patient. We need a copy of the front and back of the insurance card each time a specimen is sent to ensure accurate billing. We need insurance information with every specimen, because each invoice is treated as a new bill. We do not keep a file on individual patients. (top)
  8. GML will accept non-par insurances if and only if a valid referral is in place prior to testing. If you have questions regarding covered insurances, please call one of the GML Insurance Specialists. (top)
  9. When a patient is eligible for Medicare they have the option to have a Medicare Advantage Plan. When this option is selected, the Advantage Plan is now the patient's primary insurance coverage and replaces the patients traditional Medicare A & B. The patient should no longer have a Traditional Medicare A & B Card. (top)
  10. When a patient is eligible for Medicare they have the option to have supplemental insurance for gap coverage. When a patient has Medicare as well as any supplemental products, Medicare is primary and the supplement is always secondary coverage. (top)
  11. See Geisinger's price estimator tool. (top)
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